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Can Software Replace Sorority Capital Campaign Experts?


Software can help sororities and their alumnae in many crucial aspects of chapter management. By using software and mobile apps, a chapter can manage sorority finances, communication, member and alumnae data, event planning, academic study hours and recruitment.

Heck, you can even manage a chapter intramural softball team with the right software, all while intermittently scrolling Facebook.

That’s the nature of the modern world, where “there’s an app for that” becomes less of a joke and more of a reality every day. As a result, the nature of sorority chapter management has changed dramatically over the past several decades.

Yet some might argue that sorority life strongly rebukes the idea that we can’t still forge human connections in the technological age.

Sisters still live, learn and grow together in their chapter house. They still come together to build relationships, network professionally, succeed at chapter initiatives and--most crucial of all--win Greek Week this year.

Technology, it seems, won’t replace what has made sisterhood a mainstay of the American collegiate experience for so long: people.

Software’s role in a sorority falls to that of accenting and streamlining chapter goals, which are largely achieved through sisters’ efforts when they work together.

So what about fundraising? Where does sorority software come into play?

Certainly, software can help with managing limited fundraising, like a car wash or 5k the chapter’s fundraising committee plans itself. Alumnae rarely need to step in with these one-off fundraisers, unless you choose to participate.

Software for sorority capital campaigns, however, can be a completely different beast.

Managing a major campaign requires resources well beyond any single software platform. As opposed to other types of fundraisers, alumnae play a critical role in the success of big capital campaigns, such as for house renovations or endowment scholarship funds.

But even when alumnae have a reasonable grasp on campaign giving and managing chapter housing projects, long-term, major fundraising can be overwhelming. Alumnae, like sisters, have a lot on their plates already. Software can help, but what if you could rely on fundraising specialists with resources totally dedicated to making your efforts a success?

Pennington & Company agrees that software can help, but Can Software Replace Sorority Capital Campaign Experts?

Spoiler alert: No. Not really.

Where Software Falls Short of the Capital Campaign Experts

Software Capital Campaign Experts_1

Call it a glitch in the matrix. Call it the rise of the machines or the overthrow of humanity by smart phones.

Sometimes people just rely on their technology too much.

While technology can be hugely beneficial, it often can’t replace human intuition and experience. Sorority capital campaigns have a lot of moving parts over a long period of time. You simply cannot replace the efforts of volunteers and experts by visiting the Apple App Store.

Capital Campaign Experts Care if Your Sorority Succeeds

Software couldn’t care less if your chapter builds a new house, or whether sisters end up squatting in the old Biology building on the far end of campus. For these programs, human endeavors are boiled down to pixels and algorithms.

Software doesn’t care whether alumnae feel engaged with fundraising, and it won’t shed a tear over the consequences for sisters of a failed campaign goal. Software won’t celebrate a successful campaign with you, either, because it has no stake in your success.

Not so when you engage quality fundraising consultants.

Many sorority capital campaign experts are themselves fraternity brothers or sorority sisters. Regardless, they’re intimately involved with the goals of college Greeks. Your success is their success. If you fail at your fundraising goals, they’ve failed as well.

Alumnae Engagement Is All about People--Just Ask the Experts

Because of their experiences in the Greek community, fundraising consultants understand the motivations of both sisters and their alumnae, and what the transition is like after graduating. They know what it’s like to solicit donations from alumnae, and they know what compels alumnae to give.

Last we checked there’s no software or technology that holds those sorority life experiences.

Maybe there will be in the future . . . when the robots take over.

For now, it’s just us people. And people are the key to every aspect of sorority life. When sisters and alumnae engage for capital campaign efforts, whether through volunteer management or donations, you need to have already forged a strong connection beyond dollar figures.

Additionally, alumnae giving is not a tried and true science. Each alumna is different, and each gives differently. The more sisters and alumnae engage one another on a personal level during the year, the more likely you’ll be on the same page when it comes to sorority capital campaigns and chapter initiatives.

Good capital campaign experts know this, and they want to help make that connection even stronger.

There’s no algorithm that can replace the human touch.

So . . . What Can Sorority Capital Campaign Software Do?

Software Capital Campaign Experts_2

Sorority software can’t replace the experts, but it can fulfill certain tasks during and after a capital campaign to help accent your success.

Major campaigns draw a ton of resources from alumnae housing committees and their chapters. It’s crucial that other chapter finance management concerns aren’t taking time and energy away from fundraising efforts.

To keep your finances in order, use sorority financial management software, such as OmegaFi’s VaultPro. Sisters can manage their budget, membership dues collection and banking through Vault. Likewise, the chapter’s housing committee can manage their house finances and sisters’ lease agreements through this centralized tool.

Most importantly, this software will help you transition house finances once a capital campaign and housing project is complete.

Sorority communication software can bolster inter-chapter communications, alumnae association communication, as well as between the two groups during a major campaign. It also strengthens communication and engagement before and after a campaign, especially with many alumnae living at a distance.

Whatever software you use, trust yourself, trust your chapter and trust capital campaign experts like Pennington & Company to guide you toward successful sorority fundraising. Then celebrate with the people who made it happen.

Is your sorority planning a capital fundraising campaign? What questions do you have about campaign experts, or the process of managing a campaign? Let us know in the comments below!