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[VIDEO] Fall 2019 Update: Defending the Fraternity and Sorority Experience


Live event took place on August 28th

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Pennington & Company Presents:

Fall 2019 Update: Defending the Fraternity and Sorority Experience

Attorney Kevin O'Neill discusses crucial legal issues facing House Corporations, such as:

  • Threats to single-sex status, campus recognition & deferred recruitment – and what is being done to protect students’ rights
  •  Why the challenges to the single-sex status of fraternities and sororities at Harvard and Yale matter to your campus
  •    Why the fight over campus recognition at places like Michigan and West Virginia could harm Greek housing nationwide
  • How the battle over membership timing decisions and campus-wide suspensions harm house corporations
  •  What House Corporations can do help address these issues

To watch Kevin O'Neill's first Defending the Fraternity & Sorority Experience webinar, click HERE.

About the Presenter


Kevin O'Neill is an attorney and lobbyist in Washington DC, who has spent almost 20 years representing the interests of fraternity and sorority students.  Kevin is the co-founder and Executive Director of the Fraternity and Sorority Political Action Committee, and its related organization, the Fraternity and Sorority Action Fund.  He spent five years working for his college fraternity in chapter services before attending law school, and he is a member of his own chapter’s house corporation.

About the Moderator


Tony Quandt is an Executive Vice President at Pennington & Company, a fundraising and communications firm focused on Greek letter organizations. Pennington has raised almost $700 million for Greek life, working with over 800 local organizations on 150+ campuses. Tony began his career as a Delta Tau Delta chapter consultant before starting at Pennington & Company, where he has coordinated 19 fraternity capital campaigns and worked on an $18 million national campaign

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