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Good News...Still Asking, Still Receiving!


As many of us have been advised that we can’t time our investments in the stock market, you also can’t time the need for capital campaigns and fundraising. If you have a need and are providing value to your members, you must continue to communicate and ask for support. During April 2020, after the stock markets had just plummeted 35% in a few short weeks, Pennington & Company’s clients secured 6 six-figure gifts and 7 six-figure feasibility study estimates. We were very pleased that 849 alumni stepped forward with financial contributions in April, totaling nearly $2,500,000.

In addition to a financial ask, some organizations spent April focusing on volunteer recruitment to build out their campaign or house corporation boards. More than 110 volunteers agreed to step forward to support their chapter’s fundraising efforts.

If you are like us, practicing social distancing over the past few months has reinforced the importance and value a strong social network and sense of connection brings to one’s life. The friendships, relationships and support structure are the most valuable, tangible, aspects of the fraternity and sorority experience. We have learned, after raising over $750 million for fraternities and sororities over the past 27 years and through several challenging economic times, that going quiet through crisis shows neither confidence nor value in your organization.