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Preparing Your Chapter House for Summer Break


As dedicated alumni volunteers, you play a vital role in the smooth operation of your chapter house. With summer break approaching, it's time to prepare the house for the upcoming months. In this blog post, we will provide you with a comprehensive guide on how to get your fraternity or sorority house ready for summer break.

Conduct a Thorough Cleaning

Before closing the house for the summer, start by organizing a deep cleaning session. Gather volunteers, or hire professional cleaners, and create a checklist to ensure all areas are addressed. Here are some essential tasks to consider:

  • Clean common areas, including the kitchen, living room, and study spaces.
  • Dust and vacuum all rooms, hallways, and common areas.
  • Wash bedding, curtains, and any other fabric items.
  • Empty and clean all refrigerators and freezers.
  • Check and clean air filters, vents, and HVAC systems.

Address Maintenance and Repairs:

Take this opportunity to tackle any necessary maintenance and repairs. Create a maintenance checklist to guide your efforts. Some tasks to consider include:

  • Inspect plumbing fixtures, addressing any leaks or issues.
  • Test smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, and fire extinguishers.
  • Repair or replace broken furniture, fixtures, or appliances.
  • Check and service the heating and cooling systems.
  • Inspect the roof, gutters, and exterior for any signs of damage.

Implement Safety Measures

Ensure the safety of your fraternity or sorority house during the summer break. Here are some key safety measures to take:

  • Secure all windows and doors, making sure they are locked properly.
  • Consider installing a security system or camera surveillance.
  • Inform local law enforcement about the house being unoccupied during the break.
  • Update emergency contact information for alumni, house corporation members, and relevant authorities.

Manage Finances and Utilities

To avoid any financial or utility-related issues during the summer break, follow these steps:

  • Review and settle all outstanding bills, including rent, utilities, and maintenance fees.
  • Notify utility providers about the reduced occupancy during the break to adjust billing accordingly.
  • Consider shutting off unnecessary appliances, lighting, and water sources to conserve energy and minimize expenses.

Preserve and Store Valuables

Protect the fraternity or sorority house's valuable possessions by taking the following precautions:

  • Secure important documents and sensitive information in a locked cabinet or safe.
  • Remove valuable or sentimental items from common areas and store them securely.
  • Consider covering furniture and electronics to protect them from dust or potential damage.


As alumni volunteers involved in running the housing operation for your fraternity or sorority, preparing the house for summer break is crucial. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can ensure a smooth transition and maintain the integrity of your house. Remember, your efforts to preserve and maintain a safe and attractive living experience contribute to the longevity and success of your chapter's collegiate experience. Thank you for your dedication and commitment to preserving the fraternity or sorority experience for future generations.